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Travels with Grama

Welcome to Travels with Grama

As far back as memory serves, my idea of a fun holiday is to load up the car and just "hit the road".  Although I have done my fair share of flying, there is absolutely nothing that creates a sense of freedom for me, than cruising the old 2 lane blacktop, windows down, sun shining and great old rock and roll tunes blaring on the radio.

I come by it naturally, as my mother (now in her 80's) is still driving and while my father was with us, they toured Canada from east to west coast and from Florida to Alaska in the U.S.  I was taught at a young age how to read maps, watch for points of interest and always look for alternate roads. Interstates are for convenience, the heart of a country is on it's back roads.

I was raised in Ontario but have called Calgary, Alberta my home since 1973.  Over the years, there have been numerous trips back east for family visits (often with 4 kids and a dog) as well as several trips into the US for holidays. 

In 1991, I took up the game of pool and every May, would either fly or drive to Las Vegas to play in the International Pool Championships. In 1995, I also became a referee at this tournament which meant 10 day stretches in Vegas.  Now it was a volunteer working holiday.

In 2001, my husband was unable to go with me, so my business partner suggested I take a few extra days and travel with a lady (Doreen) I've been acquainted with for years through the pool league.  Each year she would use her holidays and make a touring trip to different areas while enroute to Vegas.

With some trepidation, we got together and agreed to give it a try.  Eighteen days with a relative stranger could be disastrous but at least 10 of them were apart at the Riviera where I reffed.  Plans were made,  maps were plotted and even our friends gave us nicknames...... Thelma and Louise - without the guns.

So this is where Travels With Grama begins.... in Doreen's red Chevy Cavalier, on May 18, 2001.   I hope you'll come along for the ride.

The Trip That Started It All

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