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Travels with Grama

New Orleans
Photo Album

Road Trip - 2007

Once again, in June, Doreen and I headed out on our annual road trip. With my new car (Doreen at the wheel and me riding shotgun) a cooler full of goodies, a full tank of gas, road maps and this year a compass, we were on our way.

I should mention, it is at this point as we are driving away from the house we've been known to look at each other and say - "OK - which direction? But this year we actually had plotted out a plan.

Destination - NEW ORLEANS.

We initially started our trip with the intention of pushing "hell bent for election" on interstates to get as far as Denver before we started our touring. The logic was, we have travelled most of the area between Calgary and Denver and it would give us more time to explore the more southern part of our journey. Well, that idea lasted about 4 hours into our trip. Somewhere around Shelby, Montana I started looking at different roads and new areas of interest. Oh well, so much for logic. We never did get anywhere near Denver!! When I'm navigator, our plans never seems to last past the border for some reason.

Little Big Horn Battlefield National Monument&
Custer National Cemetery, Montana

Judge's Chambers Restaurant - Broadus, Montana

Wall Drug - Wall, South Dakota

Badlands, South Dakota

1880 Town - Murdo, South Dakota

Corn Palace - Mitchell, South Dakota

Branson, Missouri

The Ozarks

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Mystic Caverns, Harrison, Arkansas

Dogpatch, Arkansas

Jasper Arkansas

Booger Hollow, Arkansas

Louisiana Purchase State Park, Arkansas

Great River Road State Park, Rosedale, Mississippi

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Grand Gulf Military Park, Port Gibson, Mississippi

Port Gibson, Mississippi

Rosswood Plantation - Lorman, Mississippi

Mr. "D" & Old Country Store Restaurant - Lorman, Mississippi

Rosemont Plantation - Woodville, Mississippi

Saint Francisville, Louisiana

The Myrtles Plantation - Saint Francisville, Louisiana

Bayou Sara, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana
Bourbon Street      
City Tour      

The Woodlands, Texas

San Antonio, Texas
The Alamo      

Luckenbach, Texas

Fredericksburg, Texas

Mission Trail, El Paso, Texas

Four Corners - Utah, New Mexico, Colorado & Arizona

Bluff, Utah

Valley of the Gods, Utah

Highway 261, Utah

Jacobs Chair

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah

Hanksville, Utah

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

Homeward Bound