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Travels with Grama

Route 66 & Tombstone
Photo Album

Road Trip - 2008

If we were to describe this year's trip, it would be "Fill in the Gaps".

We tossed around several destinations. Two days before we left, we still hadn't decided. East was experiencing the worst floods of the century - scrap that idea. I had driven down the west coast through Los Angeles and really didn't want to do it again. My preference is to avoid large cities while on holidays. Regardless, the west coast was experiencing torrential downpours and wildfires, so scrap that idea too. We were having a terrible spring in Calgary and "wet" wasn't what we were looking for. The only place not snowing, flooding or pouring cats and dogs was "South".

OK, so South it was. But where and how far ?? The night before we were to leave, we'd agreed to take I15 to Salt Lake City as fast as possible, just to get out of the crappy weather and then we'd plan from there. We discussed different locations and sites of interest but nothing concrete. Several times we've tried to get to Tombstone but time usually got in the way. We've also wanted to work Route 66 into our itinerary. Every year there has been somewhere, where we say "this is an area we should come back to" - like the ghost towns of Utah and Nevada, historic Ely, Boulder Hwy 12 and our favourite cabin, at the Chuckwagon Motel in Torrey to name a few.

As the navigator, I was compelled to go online and search out the wildest, wiggliest roads which would connect to all these places and keep us off the interstates. The roads that scare the hell out of us seem to be the criteria of a great trip. It is amazing how quickly it all came together when I typed in "switchback roads in America". Coincidentally, while I was hunting for new roads, Doreen was at her house researching historical info on Route 66 and Tombstone, so by morning, we "almost" had a plan.


Tooele, Utah

Ely, Nevada

Connors Pass, Nevada

Bristol Wells Ghost Town, Nevada

Pioche, Nevada

Lake Mead, Nevada

Laughlin, Nevada

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Route 66
Needles, California
Oatman, Arizona      
Cool Springs, Arizona
Seligman, Arizona      

Morman Lake, Arizona

Cactus and Flowers

Fairbank Ghost Town - Cochise County, Arizona

Tombstone, Arizona
Boot Hill      
OK Corral      

Bisbee, Arizona

Mexican Border

Highway 191 - Coronado Trail Scenic Byway, Arizona
Clifton, Arizona    
Morenci Mine - Morenci, Arizona    
Old Pioneer Catholic Cemetery - Morenci, Arizona
Apache National Forest  
Madonna of the Trail - Eagar, Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park - Arizona

Bluff, Utah

Painted Desert

Monument Valley
Goulding's Lodge      

Mexican Hat, Utah

Goosenecks State Park, Utah

Highway 261 - Moki Dugway, Utah
Day 1      
Day 2      

Church Rock, Utah

Hole in the Rock, Utah

Needles Overlook, Utah

Newspaper Rock, Utah

Manti-La Sal National Forest, Utah

Valley of the Gods, Utah

Natural Bridges National Monument

Clay Hill Pass, Utah

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Lake Powell, Utah

Burr Trail, Utah

Torrey, Utah

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
Goosenecks Point

Scenic Route 12, Utah
Grande Staircase-Escalante    
The Hogback    
Boynton Overlook  

Hwy 153, Utah

Frisco, Utah

Abandoned Homestead

Hwy 75, Idaho
Galena Summit
Salmon River Scenic Byway      

Homeward Bound
Glacier National Park, Montana
Lower St. Mary Lake, Montana
Piegan-Carway Border Crossing