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Travels with Grama

Eastern Road Trip

Photo Album

Family, Friends & Foliage - October 2009

In June, I wasn't able to get away and Doreen was also busy at work so we decided to postpone our trip until a better time.

By October, it was clear, there just wasn't going to be a "better time" in the foreseeable future so we bit the bullet, jumped in the car and lit out for Ontario and parts further south....about 5 hours ahead of a blizzard that was zeroing in on Calgary.

A great deal of time this trip would be spent watching the weather network, trying to avoid storms along the way. There was no doubt in our minds, this was not the time of year to be on the road. Oh well !!

Baudette, Minnesota

Wakefield, Michigan

Au Train Bay - Lake Superior, Munising, Michigan

Christmas, Michigan

South Baymouth, Ontario

Hanover, Ontario
Hanover, Ontario      
Dunkeld Restaurant, Walkerton, Ontario
Ingersoll, Ontario  
Stratford, Ontario      

St. Jacobs, Ontario

Mississauga, Ontario

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Niagara Falls, Ontario      
Reptile Encounter Zone
Bird Kingdom    
Whirlpool Aero Car
Living Water Chapel
Niagara on the Lake
Willie's Friends in Niagara    

Hwy 5, New York - Seaway Trail

Hartford City, Indiana to Berea, Kentucky

Happy Hollow - Hazel Patch Road, Kentucky

Camp Wildcat Civil War Battlefield, Kentucky

Highway 25 - Kentucky & Tennessee


LaFollette, Tennessee

Interstate 40 - Route 66
Route 66
Cherokee Trading Post
Gray County Safety Rest Area
Groom, Texas - Cross Ministries
The Leaning Tower of Bitten
Palomas, New Mexico

Shiprock - New Mexico

Four Corners - Colorado, New Mexico, Utah & Arizona

Bluff, Utah

Valley of the Gods, Utah

Painted Desert

Highway 261, Utah
Hwy 261 Utah      
Willie's Cliff Hanger      

Homeward Bound