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Travels with Grama

Photo Album

Road Trip - July 2015

The plans for this trip started out with us heading to Alaska. It was going to be something completely different for us. All indications were that we might have some trouble finding accommodations so we needed to prepare for that. We considered renting a Cruise America type of camper but I didn't warm to the idea of dealing with the water and sewer chores - and Doreen didn't know how, nor wanted to learn. Also, we wouldn't be able to explore off the beaten trail. OK - scrap the camper idea.

Then one week before leaving Doreen went to Walmart with the idea to buy air mattresses and sleeping bags. It was raining and cold. It felt like a snow storm was blowing in. That finished her. She decided she really didn't want to climb into the back of her car to sleep - in the cold. Truth be known - neither of us could likely even crawl into the back and get out again.

So she phoned me and asked "Do you really want to go to Alaska"? My quick answer was "no". Scrap Alaska. If we can plan to go to Nova Scotia and end up in Memphis, we can plan to go to Alaska and end up somewhere else. We decided that there were only two totally unrelated destinations that we wanted to go on this trip - Hanover, Ontario to visit my family and for Doreen, Hamilton, Missouri to visit Missouri Star Quilt Co. The rest? TBD.

Augusta and Gilman, Montana

Highway 41 Montana
Silver Star, Montana
Jefferson Valley - Lewis & Clark

Highway 287 Montana
Robber's Roost Stage Stop
Alder Gulch - 14 Mile City
Gold Dredges

Nevada City and Virginia City, Montana
Nevada City
Nevada City Hotel
Star Bakery
Nevada City to Virginia City
Virginia City

Raynolds Pass, Montana

Hebgen Lake Earthquake Site

Yellowstone National Park

Buffalo Bill Dam, Wyoming

Highway 14A, Wyoming
Big Horn Basin
Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain National Historic Landmark

Highway 24 Wyoming
Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming
Prairie Dog Village - Devils Tower
Hulett, Wyoming
Custer's 1874 Expedition
Belle Fourche Sunset

Deadwood, South Dakota

I-90 Golden Dedication - Blue Earth, Minnesota

(Wikipedia Photo)

Creekbank Sewing Machine Shop

Woodland Springs United Church - Mount Forest, Ontario

50 Years Together - Celebrating from the Highway

Missouri Star Quilt Company - Hamilton, Missouri

Out Back Quilt Shop - Troy, Kansas

Bighorn Sheep Canyon - Arkansas River Valley, Colorado

West Elk Loop Scenic and Historic Byway - Colorado
Highway 92 Colorado
Blue Mesa Dam - Gunnison River
San Juan Mountains

The Grand Mesa National Forest - Colorado
Highway 65 Colorado - Grand Mesa National Scenic and Historic Byway

Hwy 128 Utah
Canyonlands by Night

Mom's Crafts & Fabrics

Little Sahara Recreation Area, Highway 6 Utah